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I honestly can’t believe this right now. I was complaining to my bf about some Kotex tampons I had used, going on a bit of a rant about how bad they were, and on a whim I decided to go to the website and leave a review so other people who might get them would know better.
I’ve never written a tampon review in my life (it’s not something I ever anticipated doing) so I had a little fun getting very passionate about my thoughts, and then went to submit…. Only to receive the words: ‘Your review text contains inappropriate language.’ I was confused at first, I mean I was pretty emphatic, but I didn’t cuss at all… and then I realized: I had typed the word ‘vagina.’ 

You can’t type the word ‘vagina’ on a TAMPON review because it’s considered inappropriate.

KOTEX, a company that makes OVER A BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR primarily selling products to people with vaginas, thinks that someone typing the word “VAGINA” in a review of a product that goes IN THEIR VAGINA is being inappropriate and needs to be censored.

I retyped “v*gina” with an asterisk like it was a swear word, submitted and it went to preview mode with no problem. But I’m still kind of in shock… Honestly, what is wrong with Kotex that they think they need to protect tampon users from the word ‘vagina’?

If you didn’t think our society’s fear of the vagina was absurd, here you go. It’s cartoonish.







the female body is hardcore as fuck. 

Yes it is.

so is the male body

it’s sad to see so many people like this on this website

OP is praising the fact that women hold a fucking infant in their belly the size of a ribcage, get the fuck over yourself for 3.5 seconds.

*~*~follow for more fragile male ego~*~*

The male body is more susceptible to hereditary diseases because of their lack of a second X chromosome. Their testosterone production ages them faster and causes them to die sooner. Their center of gravity is higher because of their tiny little hips and overgrown shoulders, making them easier to topple. Their gonads are placed outside of the body, in a very vulnerable position, because they do not function properly if they get a little bit warmer than usual. They have non-functional nipples, but still enough breast tissue to get cancer.

The male body is not hardcore. The male body is to the female body what a shoddy, unstable mod is to a well-estabilished piece of software. Sit the fuck down. And try to not crush your fragile pathetic outside gonads when you do it.


Giveaway to Thank All of My Followers on Tumblr & Youtube!!

Giveaway ends September 22nd at Midnight.

**Please DO NOT remove my text**

 This is my first giveaway ever & I feel like I’ve been truly blessed since starting my channel, blog & my Etsy shop, so I wanted to take a moment & thank all of my followers for being so supportive; and while I don’t have a ton of followers yet on Etsy the ones I do have, have been loyal & there from the very beginning.  So THANK YOU to everyone who helps me keep doing what I love to do<3

 What you get… A Divination Kit Extraordinaire :D

 ~Deck of Raider Waite Tarot Cards & accompanying book

~Handmade Pretty Tarot Bag

 ~Unique Citrine & Smokey Quartz Pendulum~ Since it naturally doesn’t absorb negative energy & has the ability to cleanse, Citrine itself never needs to be cleansed.  This ability also makes it beneficial for auric cleansing, meditation, spiritual development & psychic awareness.  Combined with Smoky Quartz this pendulum is both beautiful & powerful for divinatory work.

~Handmade Felt Pendulum Pouch

 ~Three Divination Spell Tea Light Candles~ Organic herbs selected & then blessed by the light of the full moon to empower these tea lights to impart potent energy for successful divinatory work.

 ~Amethyst, Smoky Quartz & Moonstone Amulet to protect and aid during divinatory, psychic & Spiritual Work. ~ For psychic & spiritual work, Amethyst enhances intuition and psychic powers of all kinds. It also protects against psychic attacks, especially during spiritual work.  Smoky Quartz is centering during meditation, as it transforms and removes negative energy, it also protects and cleanses the aura and astral bodies. It can be used effectively for psychic shielding. Moonstone aids the mind by stimulating psychic perception & visions.  (Amulet is 1 ½”)

~Handmade Felt Pouch to keep it in.

 ~Hand Painted Pendulum Mat

 ~Unique Hand Painted Box to Keep it all Safe & Tucked Away

 ****Every item in this giveaway with the exception of the Tarot Deck was made by me, and similar items are available for sale on my Etsy shop****

Rules…no worries, there’s only three :D

 *1—You must be following me on Tumblr-I don’t care how often you reblog, hopefully it doesn’t annoy your followers too much.

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That’s it! Have fun & good luck


Luna )O(







Self-taught Alaskan sculptor Lee Cross, known professionally as Wood Splitter Lee, creates incredible one of a kind fantasy creatures that are so remarkably lifelike they verge on creepy, which is just one of the things that makes them so awesome. All of Lee’s creatures are completely made by hand without the use of and patterns, molds or casts. Their bodies contain articulated skeletons wrapped with stuffing, making them very soft to handle and fully posable. They’re decorated with carefully hand-applied synthetic fur and paint. As you can see from these photos, some of Lee’s creatures are more fantastic in nature than others, but they’re all amazing to behold.

Lee’s creatures are available for purchase through weekly Auction Adoptions held on eBay.

To check out more of her phenomenal handmade creatures, visit Wood Splitter Lee’s DeviantArt gallery.

[via DeMilked]


I would like to buy sixty talbuks plz?





I’ve never been more emotional about any social media post in my entire life

UPDATE: guys Beth Broderick tweeted yesterday that this Salem is THE SAME SALEM!!! He’s 20 years old man!!!! 20!

That Salem is still kicking is all I care about.














I’m sorry you’ve been made to believe that the whole of Africa is poor, I really am..

Reblogging for those of you who think Africa is only what the media and movies portrays it to be

Africa is such a diverse continent of countries and people and it’s unbelievable that people are so racist and ignorant that they stereotype such an expansive place



Cats are literally the cutest nerds ever

we need more 


Here is it! My calarts thesis film entirely about subway…… … … … .   .   .   .     .         .                .                      . 



Art made by Piper Thibodeau


School and Tumblr photoset



gonna be reading the last homestuck update like




Photos by Kimberly Tamkun/USFWS




it’s so dumb that piercings and tattoos can impact your ability to find a job. employers shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate based on gender, race, sexual orientation, or level of punk-rockness

If you were about to have a surgery done, would you feel comfortable if she/he had gages and tattoos all over their face?

I mean presumably they went to medical school I literally would not give a single shit what they decided to put on their face

I'm an 19 year old Pagan gender queer person living in the hell hole of Fontana California.

I'm an artist and some times I sing. I'm a homestuck. I'm a whovian. I'm a fan of like 5000 other things. I also like to blog about cats, blood, and sex.

You can enjoy the crazy show, or leave. I don't really care what you do.



MY NSFW BLOG IS: CuntsAndCrossbones!



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