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I am currently living with my parents in an incredibly filthy house that has extreme amounts of roaches, black mold in the walls That is making me very sick (the first picture above is one of the walls that’s been busted open in the only bathroom in the house that I have to use every day), and broken pipes that are soaking the walls and causing both problems to get worse.

Oh top of that I have to live with almost constant emotional abuse from my Bi-polar father, my mother,  and my brother (who has physically beat me second picture is some marks from being tackled, I couldn’t walk right for several days and my parents refuse to kick him out)

My parents also do and sell drugs out of my house causing me to have several of my things stolen because of the shady people that come around and I’m basically at the end of my emotional ropes to deal with it at this point.  If I don’t move out I actually think I’m at a high risk of killing myself because of how unable I am to cope at this point…

But, uh, on to How you can help:

Right now I have a new place lined up and ready for us (me and 3 friends who are going to room with mew so I can afford this) to move into by April, or even March if we can afford it by then, so that’s good to go…

Between being  as a Highschool drop out and it being after the holiday season no one will hire me, trust me I’ve been trying like crazy. 

But I have an Etsy page  (Triple moon Handcrafts) and two fiverr pages (Any person Any style & Gross Pets)  who’s profit goes straight to moving out, as well as a donations button on my blog. 

I’m also willing to do anything you can think of, any crafts, any art, reblog all your posts, watch movies with you over skype, LITERALLY ANYTHING AT ALL for money to move out.  I’m not asking for help because I’m lazy but because I really and truly need it.

If you can help, please do! If you can’t please Signal boost. 

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I'm an 19 year old Pagan gender queer person living in the hell hole of Fontana California.

I'm an artist and some times I sing. I'm a homestuck. I'm a whovian. I'm a fan of like 5000 other things. I also like to blog about cats, blood, and sex.

You can enjoy the crazy show, or leave. I don't really care what you do.



MY NSFW BLOG IS: CuntsAndCrossbones!



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